Our tours stitch together riverside bike paths, city bike lanes, and neighborhood streets to create exciting bike riding experiences. They cover primarily flat terrain (Denver is one of the flattest cities in the country) and are rated easy to moderate. Plan on a 2 to 2.5 hour long ride over a distance of approximately ten miles for our CITY TOUR, and 30 minutes for our QUICK TOUR. On the QUICK TOUR you will keep the bike as a rental (included in the price) for the next 3 hours.


Ever notice the horse on top of the chair at Civic Center Park? Or that French garden over by Elitch's? Denver is full of interesting sights that are not always visible to the casual observer. At Bikalope Tours we strive to bring Denver's hidden gems to light and we never stop exploring the city to find the next great attraction to add to our tours.  


Denver was founded by gold prospectors and claim jumpers. It boasts the country's largest park system and it is the only city in the world to have rejected the Olympic Games after it was selected to host them. Denver has a history as unique as its mile high location and at Bikalope Tours we carefully craft each of our tours to share this unique story.