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What is a bikalope?


A bikalope (also spelled bikealope, bike-a-lope, or sometimes bikelope) is a mythical creature of Western American lore. It is a genius loci. Borrowing from the imagery of man's greatest invention and the most widely distributed wild ungulate the bike and the antlers* combine to embody the ingenuity of man and the spirit of the wild.

In scientific articles the bikalope is known by its Latin name, Ridus rountownus, which translates literally to "riding around town." It is a characterization of the fact that while bikalope have a very large home range they tend to spend most of their time in well defined metropolitan areas. They are described as gregarious and knowledgeable and have earned a reputation as good riding companions.

Bikalope enjoy traveling in herds and guiding others to green pastures. On the fringes of the urban frontier they have been sighted roaming with buffalo and cavorting with deer. Rumor has it that the folk song Home On The Range was at least patially inspired by these sightings of bikalope in their native habitat. 

*The antlers depicted in the official Bikalope Tours logo are actually white tail deer antlers but the name follows in the tradition of the jackalope and antlers are not necessarily species specific. Some of the most common depictions of the jackalope feature deer antlers instead of pronghorn antelope horns as the name would suggest.



Just ask your guide. Every one of the Bikalope guides has a personal supply of quirky fact knowledge. We are collectors of stories beyond ordinary. If you ask the right question you just might learn something that will blow your mind!